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Jesuits News Prayer Families in Selva to return to bless

Families in Selva to return to bless

A place to afford the luxury of being reborn, alone, as a couple, as a family and community. The week offered at Villa Capriolo allowed over 80 people to once again use this and other verbs in their lives: ask, create, bless.

Leading the proposal Fr. Beppe Lavelli SJ, Umberto Bovani and Maria Grazia Prandino.

“Selva is being reborn personally in listening to the Word, in new relationships, discussing the model of parenthood” tell those present. «Going back to asking, to looking for a future even in the darkest moments of one’s lives. Show children, adults with shared values. Finding a relationship with faith that allows you to be yourself, rediscover creativity and finally bless, trying to desacralize the term and reconnect it to everyday life. A place where you can tell your own story and listen to those of others».

Insights, times for meditation, prayer and celebration marked the days, together with the various activities in the mountains and shared services in the house. Two films proposed in the evenings, connected to the proposed verbs “the farm of our dreams” and “face to face”.

Over 20 volunteers who made the proposal possible.

«Selva continues to offer a context in which people can be helped to flourish and to resume their journey with confidence. To then realize that it is they themselves who give life to this context in the simplicity and authenticity of everyday things».

95 subscribed to Spiritual Exercises for Easter Triduum. 30 are on the waiting list. Fr Carlo Casalone SJ will lead the retreat. Other seven Jesuits will be available for talks, the sacrament of reconciliation and the celebration of the rites of Holy Week. Two novices who spent the Lenten period in Milan will also be present.

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