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Euro-Mediterranean Province of the Society of Jesus

Vocation stories

Jesuits Become a Jesuit Vocation stories

Unforgettable spiritual experiences

Each personal story is original and unique. Yet all stories have one thing in common: an extraordinary and life-changing encounter.

Letting life speak

I was born in Switzerland in 1968. Ideological struggles and dreams of “grandeur”. Then, two Jesuit friends, a biography of Francis from Assisi, the person of John Paul II, the discovery of Ignatius…

God’s timing… and the path to get there

While I was preparing for the Judiciary exam and public competitions, in a time that had become more serene, the Lord arrived with His Word, during a school camp.

Helping to find a human way of living together

I was born in Pavia, where I lived thoughout my childhood and adolescence. In my human and spiritual formation the experience with the Agesci scouts has been fundamental.

His plan was more complete than mine

I first encountered the Jesuits when I was 18. A summer camp in Selva di Val Gardena, followed by three days of Spiritual Exercises, changed everything.

In search of a place, my place

WYD 2000: 2 million young people had a place in the Church, where each one was irreplaceable and expected. Yet free to choose it or not. Which was my place?

Filled up to the brim: an emptiness finally inhabited!

If I had to choose an image to introduce myself, I would choose that of the traveller, the pilgrim, the “caminante.” He who moves because he is searching, who is never satisfied, who knows that further than where he has arrived there is more.

From bytes to hearts

Math was my great passion. Then, through my sister, I came in contact with the Jesuits. Service to children. Questions about how to spend my life to the fullest.

When science is not enough

All it took was an unrequited falling in love for the results of “my” equations to go wrong. It was an existential crisis, which inevitably affected every aspect of my life.

The desire for life, true life

I had many desires, many dreams, and I did not think that faith could allow me to fulfill them. Then, I met a group of young people, new friends. It felt like being born again.

The thirst to “give back”

I had every reason to be satisfied: I was one step away from realizing the dream of becoming a magistrate, conceived when I was a teenager, after the death of Falcone and Borsellino. Instead I was restless…

From Crowne Plaza executive to Jesuit

Five stars weren’t enough. So, as a young and brilliant manager of a large chain of luxury hotels, I set out again in search for true inner fulfillment.

Why me?

The last thing I wanted to be when I grew up was a priest. The last place I wanted to end up at 31 years old is the novitiate. It was not my choice.

That habit of asking oneself questions

Above all, one had been inside me for several years, ever since I began to realize how much poverty there was around me, in the streets, in my neighborhood.

Science as prayer

I have a great passion for Star Wars, art-house films and pizza margherita. Notebook and pen always on the table, to question the universe.

That freedom built up stone by stone

After the collapse of the regime, I too went to help rebuild our little church. Giving shape to a place that had become a dump. Those stones have marked my life.

Once upon a time there was a King…

As a teenager I knew the Jesuits by hearsay. Then I met Martini and Fumagalli. The testimony of the Villapizzone community, a key to discernment.

The most beautiful race

A wonderful race, with providential breaks where during one of these break, I strongly felt my call. Today I strongly experience the wealth of the mission, as the race continues…

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