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Calascio, teenagers between clouds and stones

“Between clouds and stones” is a course for teenagers, an exciting journey within and outside of themselves. It is a place where friendship and authentic relationships are created, a group experience open to all those who wish to improve their quality of life and lifestyle. Through various activities, the possibility of a truer knowledge of oneself and others is offered, so that one’s life can be increasingly directed towards mature and responsible choices.

The course initiated through a collaboration between the Jesuits and the ‘Friends of Calascio’ association. It is aimed at young people from 15 to 18 years of age. It will be held from 25 August to 2 September at the Santa Maria delle Grazie Convent in Calascio (Aq). The price is 290 euro. Excursions in the mountains, group work, activities and games are organised during the days.

It is being led by Cristina Alessandrelli, a psychologist, and Fr. Beppe Bertagna, a Jesuit and psychodramatist, in collaboration with a group of animators. The Course coordinator is Manuela Pagnini, who is a counsellor.

For information kindly contact info +39.333. 2376089

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