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Jesuits News Youth EYM: the “first” conference, a joy that endures!

EYM: the “first” conference, a joy that endures!

Limited numbers, one day less than in previous meetings and an organization aimed at guaranteeing the safety of all participants as much as possible. This was the setup of the national conference entitled “As I have loved you” in Frascati between 30 October and 1 November. The theme that the Movement will delve deeply into this year is fraternity.

The meeting consisted of assemblies, times of prayer and sharing in groups and moments of celebration.

Perhaps everything we have experienced during the last two years has been a blessing,” Adriano says. “It has given me the opportunity to live every moment, experience every encounter, every smile I receive as a gift that I am not sure I deserve.

Mariachiara, a PRE-T from Milan, wrote that “the Convention was a moment of joy, sharing, and fraternity. It’s a discovery that God is your friend and brother, it’s “returning home”, at the place where you always feel welcomed and loved just as you are. I felt the Lord taking my hand and lead me into the midst of wonderful brothers”.

Moussa, a young man from Mali, was one of them. We met him through the Jesuit Refugee Service in Italy, the “Centro Astalli”, and he came to visit us to describe his difficult story with simplicity. He concluded his speech by deeply touching the hearts of those listening, telling us precisely that “brother is anyone who gives you his time, who knows how to listen to you”.

Music as usual was a means of prayer and a privileged channel of emotions and desires. In particular, this year’s hymn entitled “One”, was sung many times throughout the days and was a great stimulus to that desire to be together with the Lord and with each other. Elisa, one of the voices of the MEGband, commented: “In Frascati, I was the voice that sang His words, hoping to get right to the heart of those who were listening and to become, together with them, a single voice. It was a single melody that expressed and shouted all the love, joy and beauty of finding each other, of being together and of finding a brother in each of those who sang with me. I really felt the strong emotion of becoming ‘ONE’ in Him: This is the only way we can be forever.”

The Movement, which is a section of the Apostleship of Prayer for youth, initiated in France and was promoted by the Jesuits at the beginning of the last century. Its aim is to accompany and educate young people between 8 and 24 years of age to make mature choices during important stages of their life. Approximately 3500 young people in the Province are members of this Movement. 

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