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Euro-Mediterranean Province of the Society of Jesus
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General Congregation 34 - Decree 20

Recommendation to Father General

[430] 1. The contemporary debate between development and ecology is often posed as an opposition between First World desires and Third World needs; in fact the terms refer to many inter-related problems throughout the world. The Society of Jesus can contribute to overcoming some elements of the dilemma by encouraging both international awareness and local action. The many postulates received offer rich suggestions on this subject.

[431] 2. This Congregation recommends to Father General that a study be made regarding the following issues:

2.1 how our Ignatian spirituality provides us with a foundation for a universal response;
2.2 how our apostolates can contribute in their specific ways, and also can further effective collaboration;
2.3 how this issue affects our lifestyle and the decisions that we make in our institutions.

[432] The results of this study should be communicated to the whole Society as an orientation for our way of proceeding.

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