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Jesuits News Education Metsola: “Study. Change is the result of participation”

Metsola: “Study. Change is the result of participation”

“To Roberta Metsola wishing that she may continue to uplift the dignity of the weakest and most vulnerable in Europe.” This is the thought written on the plaque that, on the morning of 6 December, was presented to the president of the European Parliament Roberta Metsola.

As a student of the Jesuit school “St. Aloysius College” in Malta, the president on a visit to Palermo wanted to meet the young people of the Jesuit Gonzaga Campus.

Welcoming her were the students along with the Headmaster Fr. Vitangelo Denora SJ, Deputy Headmistress Maria Elena Poderati, the Governing Board and a delegation of alumni.

During the meeting with the Gonzaga students, President Metsola recalled her years of study with the Jesuits, mentioning the values she acquired and the birth of her interest in active involvement in politics. “I am in Sicily to give a message to young people,” the president told the students.” At school I learned the values of community and tolerance with respect to diversity. The commitment is to try to represent the main demands that come from the younger generation.”

“Change can be the result of our participation. My invitation is, therefore, to be protagonists, engaged in the life of your territory without being passive spectators. One day you too can run for office for a cause in which you believe so strongly. There is no nobler thing than being able to get personally involved to bring about the change you believe in. I do not tell you that you are the future. You are the present, and you can make a difference; but to make a difference you must study and also be part of the decisions that affect you. We need many more young people who believe in and are committed to this. I am counting on you!”

The parliamentarian in response to a question from a student spoke as well about the challenges that need to be pursued from a European perspective. “The main challenges are those mainly related to environmental protection to cope with climate change, protection and security policy on immigration, and increasing a digital policy to stabilise connection. Although Europe is not having a very easy time in history, the values of freedom and democracy must always prevail. Do not lose hope because a world of peace is possible.”

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