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Showing the way to God

The sixth video from Father General for the Ignatian Year

“The Spirit has raised up a rich diversity of charisms in the Church. Each one of them indicates routes and paths that lead to God.

We, who are part of the Church formed by Ignatian spirituality, use the compass of the Spiritual Exercises and discernment to “seek and find the will of God” in our life and mission.

In this Ignatian Year, we feel especially called to share our spirituality, this particular way of relating to the Lord and collaborating with his Kingdom.

We feel confirmed in this path towards God and we recognize that, just as it has helped us throughout our history, today it can also help others to encounter the God of life, the God of mercy, the God of justice revealed to us by Jesus Christ.

The Exercises and Ignatian discernment are not the exclusive patrimony of the Society of Jesus they are a gift of God for the Church. For this reason, we feel invited by the Lord to be mindful of this way of growing in familiarity with Him and to propose it as a way of encountering His will.

We wish to grow in the inner knowledge of the Lord, and thus, with our eyes fixed on Him, to propose with boldness and creativity, this path that crosses our way of being and our mission wherever we are.

There are many paths, but we would like to invite you to share the way with us, to be companions on the road in the desire to live according to Jesus’ way of proceeding. Will you join us?”

“We invite you to pray, personally and communally, with the prayer points at the end of the sixth chapter of the book Walking with Ignatius by Fr. Arturo Sosa, SJ.”

Photo by Ryoji Iwata on Unsplash

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