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Jesuits News Social Justice Ukrainian refugee emergency: 40 welcomed by Italian CLC in Sighet
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Ukrainian refugee emergency: 40 welcomed by Italian CLC in Sighet

40 Ukrainian refugees will be welcomed in Sighet, Romania, where the Italian CLC, through its international section, the Lega Missionaria Studenti, has opened in the last 20 years 3 family houses for minors with family difficulties.

“Sighet is a border town, the border with Ukraine is less than 800 metres away from the Family-Houses” explains Fr Massimo Nevola, national assistant, who has been involved in the project for years. “Since yesterday afternoon, Romania has opened its borders to refugees and in less than 24 hours, some 3,000 people have already entered the country, of whom about 800 have remained in the city. The municipal authorities, with whom I am already in contact, are grateful for the availability, as is the Jesuit Refugee Service of Romania, which is ready to sponsor the initiative, coordinating it with those they intend to set up in other cities: Suceava, Radauti and Bucharest”.

Beds must be purchased and electrical and gas systems must be modified. “Everything can be set up in two/three days”. A bilingual (Romanian/Ukrainian) manager and a cook will be hired to coordinate the refugees. For cleaning, we are counting on the collaboration of the guests, as well as on a person already employed by the association.

About € 7,000 is expected for the costs of setting up the facility and € 7,000 per month for food, salaries and utilities. “We don’t know how long the emergency will last. We hope it won’t be long, but we have to be prepared for quite a long time,” he adds.

In the meantime, there is a competition of solidarity among the Communities of Christian Life present in Italy, about 40, attended by 3,000 people. The communities, made up of adults and young people of all conditions, followed by the Jesuits and trained in Ignatian spirituality, are present in 62 countries. Summer solidarity camps are also planned for July.

For those wishing to contribute “Progetto Quadrifoglio Onlus”
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